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Resveratrol: 25x the benefits of red wine - NO sugar or alcohol!

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Primal Earth Probiotic

  • Primal earth soil based probiotic supplement - Amy Myers MD®
  • Organic soil based probiotic sibo supplement facts - Amy Myers MD®
  • Primal Earth™ Probiotic supplement bottle in the palm of a hand for scale - Amy Myers MD®
  • 5 features of our Primal Earth™ Probiotic to help you maintain balance  - Infographic - Amy Myers MD®
  • Woman holding a heart - Primal Earth™ Probiotic supports a healthy digestive system and reglarity - Amy Myers MD®
  • Primal Earth™ Probiotic - No refrigeration needed - Amy Myers MD®
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Primal Earth Probiotic:

  • Promotes a normal bowel pattern
  • Replenishes healthy GI microflora
  • Helps alleviate occasional indigestion and nausea
  • Assists in relieving occasional abdominal discomfort and bloating
  • Survives stomach acid and the digestive process
  • No need for refrigeration

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