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Defend Family Pack

Defend Family Pack:

  • 10 ct KN95 Masks
  • 4 ct 1 oz. glass spray bottles of milk + honey Hand Sanitizer
  • Convenient to share with neighbors, family, and friends (or just to stock up)
  • Sanitizes & moisturizes your hands and skin
  • Effective against germs and bacteria with 80% alcohol (denatured with organic lavender oil)
  • Refreshing, cleansing smell of natural lavender and eucalyptus leaf
  • Doesn't dry out hands or leave a sticky residue
  • Great for sensitive skin irritated by conventional hand sanitizers
  • Third-party tested by the Travis County Medical Association to authentic KN95 masks and capture at least 91% airborne particulate
  • Sourced by a functional medicine physician

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