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L-Glutamine Capsules

  • L-Glutamine Capsules for leaky gut - Amy Myers MD®
  • L-Glutamine supplement, 850 mg - Supplement Facts - Amy Myers MD®
  • L-Glutamine Capsules in the palm of a hand for scale - Amy Myers MD®
  • 5 Benefits of our L-Glutamine supplement - including supporting healthier gut, thyroid, and immune function - Infographic - Amy Myers MD®
  • Woman holding a heart - Our L-Glutamine supplement nourishes and supports gut cell regeneration - Amy Myers MD®
  • L-Glutamine supplement curbs sugar craving and helps maintain a healthy body weight - Amy Myers MD®
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  • Support optimal gut barrier function
  • Help maintain a healthy stomach and intestinal lining
  • Support thyroid and immune system function
  • Beat sugar cravings and helps maintain a healthy weight
  • Contain 850 mg of L-glutamine per capsule

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