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We are the world’s leader in providing transformative solutions for overcoming chronic disease and achieving optimal health.

And, we are on a mission to empower one billion people to take back their health by 2040! 

As a company, here are the core values we live by:

Core Values: Serve, Effect, Empower

Our Giving

Service is at the core of everything Dr. Myers does, and giving back has been important to her from a very young age. It’s why she became a Peace Corps volunteer, why she funded a kitchen at an Indian orphanage in her mother’s name to honor her legacy, and why she donates a percentage of all sales in our online store to charity.

For every purchase you make from our store, you can know that you are not only investing in yourself and your health, you are supporting organizations and causes that are committed to making the world a better place for all of us.


Dr. Amy Myers’ Story



Have you ever felt ignored or brushed off by your doctor?

You're not alone. Many of us have faced doctors who dismissed our symptoms, told us we were fine, or just didn’t seem to be listening.

In fact I have been there myself.

I was in my second year of medical school when I started experiencing symptoms out of the nowhere. I tried to brush it off, but eventually my symptoms became so bad that my friends insisted I go to the doctor.

I told my physician, “Something's wrong with me. I'm having tremors. I'm having panic attacks. I can't sleep at night.”

“I think this is just stress,” she said briskly. “You’re a second-year medical student, and it’s very common to think you have every disease you’re learning about. I wouldn’t worry about it.”

I insisted (with some verbal arm twisting) that my doctor do a complete medical workup and lab testing.

It turns out my instincts were right, because a few days later, my doctor called me back and told me that I had Graves’ disease, an autoimmune thyroid condition.

Even as a medical student, none of the conventional treatment options for Graves’ seemed very appealing to me.

Wanting to go with a more natural approach, I decided to try Chinese herbal medicine instead. Unfortunately, the concoctions I tried not only tasted awful… my symptoms became worse.

So I chose what I believed to be least invasive route and decided to start the conventional medicine recommended by my doctor, PTU. A few months later, I developed a severe case of toxic hepatitis that forced me into extended bed rest… almost causing me to drop out of medical school. It was a one in a million risk as a side effect of the medication, and it happened to me.

After my disastrous PTU experience, I was left with only two choices: surgery to remove my thyroid or completely destroy it using radioactive iodine. I chose the latter and said good-bye to my thyroid.

It's a decision I regret to this day. If I had known about functional medicine then, I might still have my thyroid today and be living symptom-free.

Conventional medicine failed me and it is my mission to not let it fail you too. After my own journey with autoimmune thyroid disease, I went searching for true answers. What caused my condition in the first place? And what could I have done to reverse it?

Fortunately I went on to discover functional medicine, which focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of chronic illness and restoring your health naturally using dietary and lifestyle changes.

Since then I have had the privilege of empowering tens of thousands of people around the world to take back their health through working with thousands of patients, writing 2 New York Times bestsellers, and creating my own supplements and step-by-step programs to help you achieve your health goals and live your best life.

If you’re reading this and are currently struggling with a doctor who won’t believe you or whose only solutions are harsh medications that simply mask your symptoms I want you to know that you CAN reverse your condition naturally!