Start earning and redeeming points through our new and improved rewards program, where your Insider Points go further—and there's even more ways to save; An Insider Pass gets you exclusive access to special savings, free products, and live events with Dr. Myers herself!

We've taken all the best features from the VIP Rewards Program you know and love and added many exciting opportunities to rack up points fast, engage with The Myers Way® community, and SAVE BIG on the products, kits, and programs you rely on to reach your health goals.

With an Amy Myers MD® Insider Pass, you'll earn 1 point for every dollar you spend in our store (including those donated to charity!)...

Claim FREE shipping on every single order…

And get early, insider access to new products, storewide sales, and brand partner giveaways.

We'll also be hosting Pass Point challenges and savings events to give you the chance to earn double or triple the points!

Next time you log in to your account, you'll notice we've expanded our VIP tier structure to include five levels instead of three. We hope this will make it easier for you to climb the ranks and join Elite members at the top…

Especially as we introduce more ways to get rewarded (such as completing a survey, taking a quiz, referring a friend, or signing up for automatic shipments through Subscribe & Save!)

Amy Myers MD<sup>®</sup> Insider Pass Tiers: Novice - first purchase, Specialist - 500 points, Expert - 1,500 points, Pro - 5,000 points, Elite - 10,000 points

insider points are worth 5 times more!

Existing VIP Rewards Program members may notice a significant drop in their available points. We want to assure you that this is not a mistake, but simply an adjustment to match our new points structure…

Our transition to Amy Myers MD® Insider Pass means your accrued points will actually be worth more, as we provide additional & more rewarding ways to save.

This modification also means that Insider Pass members will no longer be able to redeem their extra 5% OFF during storewide sales…

Nor will they be able to use Insider Points in addition to in-store discounts or promotions.

No need to worry though… you'll find that our new features provide more return on your investments as you shop and engage with Amy Myers MD®. Plus you'll have the chance to save BIG when you buy any full price item from the store.

We want to thank you for your loyalty, support, and dedication to taking back your health with us, and invite you to explore this invaluable new program designed to make achieving optimal health a little more rewarding!

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